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At Lowcountry Hosting we provide an extensive support section that gives our customers the information to handle many website problems on their own.

But we will always be here for questions. If you feel you have a problem with your account or any of its features, or you notice something out of the ordinary, drop us an email immediately. We guarantee that we will take care of your email fast.

Email us in case that:

  • You are having a problem with any of the services, features and/or software provided with your hosting account.
  • If you feel the service is down, don't worry. We notice those sort of things immediately and solve it as soon as possible.
  • For suggestions or feedback, visit our Contact page for more contact options.


Note: include the phone number where we can reach you at the moment you send your email so that we can talk to you over the phone in the case that solving your problem might be easier over the phone.

If you are requesting custom configurations, new features, installation of software, etc, please have in mind that such requests have lower priority and are not part of regular tech support, and that there will be an additional charge for them ($45 per hour). We will quote the total price for any chargable request and get your approval prior to starting any work

Make sure you check our FAQ topics and tutorials before emailing. It is very possible that the problem you are having is already described in the following pages.

If you are having problems with your account, read our Common mistakes FAQ. Most of the questions we get at tech support are described there, as well as the answers.

Note: Please check our FAQs above before contacting tech support. 83% of all problems our users can have are already mentioned above, along with explanations on how to fix them.

Things to do when emailing our technical support staff:

  • Include your username and domain name on every email.
  • Explain *in great detail* the problem you are having. Don't just say something like "my email is not working", because that won't help us help you.
  • Tell us how to reproduce the problem if possible, so that we can try to repeat the problem you are having.

Attention: If you just opened an account with Lowcountry Hosting, do not send emails from the domain you just registered or want to transfer. That is, if you open an account for "yourdomain.com", do not send an email from "me@yourdomain.com", or else you might not receive our reply. Once your domain is fully transferred/registered, then you can send emails from your domain. Also, if you don't get our reply within a few hours, send the email again from a different address, in case there is something wrong with your email services.

Tech support email: tech@Lowcountryhosting.com

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